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2217 Rental Houses


Use either of the two below links to download the rental application. The first one is an Excel document and the other is a .pdf file. Contact information is available on the application.

RentalApplication.xls            RentalApplication.pdf


Online Rental Application

Federal Way Rambler        3 Bedroom / 2 Bath
2217 SW 342nd Street
Federal Way, WA 98023

 2217_front     2217_frontside     2217_outside(backyard)     2217_garage    

2217_livingroom     2217_livingroom_dinningroom     2217_kitchen2     2217_kitchen1

2217_hallway     2217_hallway_bathroom     2217_1st_bedroom(1)     2217_1st_bedroom(2)

2217_2nd_bedroom(1)     2217_2nd_bedroom(2)     2217_3rd_bedroom(1)     2217_3rd_bedroom(2)

2217_master_bathroom    2217_RentalHouseFlyer