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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can you do for me???
A: We can create, modify, or whatever you need done to a website. We can put up a specific tab just for your needs. Use us to help you.

Q: How much do you charge???
A: The things we do are so diverse the answer to the question is just as diverse. Below there is a list of standard rates for standard things.

Q: How soon before you can do my project???
A: This work is done all day everyday. The bulk of what we do is done very quickly and can often be done the same day as the inquiry. Updates are always completed right-a-way as it's important that sites stay up-to-date for viewers to always have the most reliable information as possible.

Q: What about a full website???
A: Full websites can sometimes take a while when dealing back and forth with proofing. It's good to get a one-pager up first and then work through the rest of what needs built. 

Q: What about pictures???
A: If you have pictures great, if you need our help getting pictures we can do that too. SHROKAEDO prides itself with being able to give you a turn-key deal. 

Q: How do you work payments???
A: While billing you for the work is possible, we also accept payments though Paypal.    


Standard Price List:

One page website:                  $350.00
(Includes registration of available domain-name, one-year hosting, domain-specific e-mail accounts)

Two to four page website:        $500.00
(Includes the same as above with the addition of pages)

Custom design-work:               $50.00 hr

Link-Tab setup on this site:       Free